Promotion of ISDB-T worldwide

Promotion of ISDB-T worldwide

Promotion of ISDB-T by “DiBEG”

Digital Broadcasting Experts Group (DiBEG) in ARIB promotes ISDB-T all over the world.

Regular Members; 17 (Broadcasters; 6 ¦  Manufactures; 8 ¦ Others; 3)

DiBEG promotes exchange of technical information and international cooperation.

“Seminar in Brazil”
every August

“Seminar in Botswana”

“Seminar in Honduras”
Aug.’13, Sep.’16

“Seminar in Peru”
Oct.’13, Jan.’16, Jun.’17

“Seminar in Sri Lanka”
Nov.’13, Dec.’16

“Seminar in the Philippines”
Jan./Mar.’14, Jan.’15, Feb.’17

“Seminar in Ecuador”
Apr.’14, Nov.’15

“Seminar in Costa Rica”
Sep.’14, Mar.’17

“Seminar in Maldives”

“Seminar in Guatemala”
Mar.’17, Mar.’18

“Seminar in El Salvador”
Jun.’17, Dec.’18

“Seminar in Bolivia”
Jan.’18, May ’19

“Seminar in Nicaragua”

“Seminar in Chile”

DiBEG provides technical supports for the ISDB-T adopting countries.

Support for the standardization of each adopting country

“Brazil-Japan Joint Working Group”
1st – 9th (2006 – 2015)

“Botswana-Japan Joint Working Group”
1st – 8th (2013 – 2018)

“Philippines-Japan Joint Working Group”
1st – 13th (2014 – 2019)

“Nicaragua-Japan Joint Working Group”
1st – 2nd (2015 – 2017)

“Guatemala-Japan Intergovernmental Meeting”

“Sri Lanka-Japan Joint Working Group”
1st – 5th (2017 – 2018)

International technical harmonization through ISDB-T International Forum

The ISDB-T International Forum is structured by the working groups for harmonization of standards related to: Hardware, Interactivity & Middleware, and the Emergency Warning Broadcast System (EWBS), which provides technical support to the ISDB-T adopting countries.

“ISDB-T International Forum”
1st – 7th (2009 – 2015)

ISDB-T International Forum Date Host
1st Sep. 2009 Peru
2nd May. 2010 Argentina
3rd Aug. 2010 Brazil
4th Mar. 2011 Chile
5th Mar. 2012 Ecuador
6th May. 2013 Uruguay
7th Nov. 2015 Brazil

Technical Harmonization Meeting among the members of ISDB-T International Forum

The Technical Harmonization Meetings of the ISDB-T International Forum have been held among the member countries adopting ISDB-T as their national digital terrestrial TV standard, mainly for the purpose of exchanging information and opinions from technical and engineering viewpoints.

Through the technical harmonization meetings so far held, three Technical Harmonization Documents have been published, compiling the differences in the standards of the member countries in the three categories of Hardware, Interactivity & Middleware and EWBS.

“Technical Harmonization Meeting”
every August

ISDB-T Harmonization Documents Enacted Revised
Part 1: Hardware Mar.’12 Nov.’15
Part 2: Interactivity & Middleware Nov.’15
Part 3: EWBS May ’13 Nov.’15

Regular Meeting between ARIB/DiBEG and Brazilian SBTVD Forum

DiBEG (Digital Broadcasting Experts Group) has been promoting ISDB-T internationally, by providing information or extending technical assistance and cooperation on ISDB-T to those countries in need of such services. In the meantime in Brazil, where they adopted ISDB-T first outside Japan, the Forum of SBTVD (Sistema Brasileiro de Televisao Digital) has been active as the entity of Brazilian domestic standardization of ISDB-T. And ARIB/DiBEG and SBTVD Forum have been collaborating in the promotional activities of ISDB-T in the Latin American countries.

“Meeting with Brazilian SBTVD Forum”
1st – 8th (2016 – 2019)

FoBTV Meeting

The FoBTV (Future of Broadcast Television) is a voluntary organization with 85 members of more than 20 countries of professional broadcasters, standardization organizations, etc., to share and exchange views and opinions on the future of TV broadcasting. They hold regular meetings twice a year; in April during the NAB Show in Las Vegas, and in September during the IBC in Amsterdam.

“FoBTV Meeting”

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