SET EXPO 2015 in Brazil

On August 23-27, 2015, Brazilian Society of Television Engineering (SET) held its exhibition and conference as “SET EXPO 2015” at Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

At the exhibition, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) of Japan arranged a Japan Pavilion.  In the pavilion, DiBEG demonstrated Emergency Warning Broadcasting System (EWBS).  In addition, 4K broadcasting system and multimedia broadcasting system were also demonstrated by ARIB member companies.

Japan Pavilion

Demonstration of EWBS

Demonstration of 4K

At the conference, Dr. Kondo, Director for Digital Broadcasting Technology Division of MIC, and Dr. Sugawara, Chairman of DiBEG, made presentation concerning the activities of ISDB-T and next generation television.

Dr. Kondo of MIC at the conference

Dr. Sugawara of DiBEG at the conference

According to the official announcement, more than 300 exhibitors and 16,000 participants attended the exhibition.

Literatures handed out at the pavilion

“Kagami-Biraki” ceremony in the pavilion

“Kagami-Biraki” ceremony in the pavilion

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