Features of Advanced ISDB-T System

Features of Advanced ISDB-T System

The most important feature of Advanced ISDB-T is capability of various and flexible service provisioning with high efficiency. It can be achieved very efficiently that the single system with the state-of-the-art technologies offers and handles wide variety of services from simple but important ones such as Emergency Warnings to rich and complex ones such as Interactive UltraHD Streaming linked to Social Network Services. IP and HTML5 application environment greatly contribute to provide the flexibility and efficiency to the Advanced ISDB-T. In addition, technologies used in physical part of the Advanced ISDB-T are practical and proven. For example, regarding over-the-air 2×2 MIMO transmission, which is one of the basic requirements of TV3.0, Advanced ISDB-T has lots of successful experiences including the field tests with actual equipment (see Report ITU-R BT.2343). Though they are targeted to the UltraHD transmission, it can be applied to HD over-the-air transmission of TV 3.0. Advanced ISDB-T is applying such a newest and flexible technologies of various fields for the other layers as well.

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