Digital TV Forum held in Costa Rica

On September 10 and 11 there was a digital TV forum “Foro de Televisión Digital: una señal para todos” held in San Jose, Costa Rica, hosted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIC) and Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Telecomunicaciones (MICITT).

The Japanese delegation, headed by Mr. K. Mori, Director-General for International Affairs, Global ICT Strategy Bureau of MIC, included about 10 private company representatives, while Ms. G. Kooper, Minister of MICITT, Mr. A. Ruiz, Vice Minister of Telecommunications, MICITT and other government officials and private broadcasters participated. Representatives from Brazilian Ministry of Communication, Chilean Ministry of Transport and Telecom, etc. also joined the Forum and exhibition.

MICITT Minister Ms. Kooper

Mr. K. Mori from MIC

Approximately 170 people participated in the Forum, where representatives from NHK, MIC, ARIB and mmbi made a presentation, in addition to the lecture by Mr. T. Yoshimi, JICA Expert on digital TV, based on his 2-year activities and experiences in Costa Rica.

10 Japanese private firms showed and demonstrated their products in the exhibition. President Mr. Luis Solis, President of Costa Rica, visited the Forum and kindly gave a speech at the reception party.
On the 2nd day Mr. T. Yoshimi of JICA and representatives from the Japanese private company representatives made presentations during the ISDB-T technical seminar, where more than 100 people, mostly from the Costa Rican broadcasting industry, enjoyed lectures and exchange of opinions, skills and experiences of digital television.

President Mr. Solis and Japanese delegation.
The gentleman to the left of Mr. Solis is Mr. M. Shinohara, Ambassador to Costa Rica.


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