The 6th Regular Meeting between ARIB/DiBEG and SBTVD Forum Held in Sao Paulo

During the SET EXPO 2018, the 6th regular meeting between ARIB/DiBEG and SBTVD Forum was held in Sao Paulo on August 29 at the Expo Center Norte.

From Japan, 8 people attended, including Dr. M. Sugawara of DiBEG, Mr. M. Takada and Mr. H. Kamoda of NHK, Mr. Y. Sakaguchi of JTEC, Mr. K. Kono of ARIB/DiBEG secretariat, etc.

From Brazil, 15 people attended, including Mr. Roberto Franco, Ms. Liliana Nakonechhyj, Mr. José Marcelo do Amaral, Mr. Fernando Bittencourt, Mr. Olimpio Franco, Mr. Leonardo Chaves, Mr. David Britto, Mr. Mauricio Kakassu, etc.

Atmosphere of Meeting 1

Atmosphere of Meeting 2

They discussed next generation terrestrial digital TV broadcasting, with Q&A sessions including CODEC methodologies, standardization process, migration planning, HTML5-based Ginga applications, etc.

They also discussed the revision and updating of the ABNT/ARIB Joint Documents, and both parties agreed to continue the revision works through each of the contact personnel.

Quoting that some of the ISDB-T receivers in Latin America malfunction upon receiving the EWBS Superimpose signal, ARIB/DiBEG proposed to set up a rapporteur group to study the stipulations of the ABNT standard and also to consider the necessity of adding new guidelines, for the purpose of clarifying the operational guidelines of text Superimpose. The Brazilian side agreed to the creation of rapporteur group after checking and confirming the mission of the group.

The next regular meeting between ARIB/DiBEG and SBTVD Forum will be held in April, 2019 in Las Vegas during the NAB Show

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