One-Seg Service

One-Seg Service

One-Seg service for Mobile Devices

ISDB-T transmits a HDTV program and a mobile TV program within one channel at the same time.

ISDB-T is designed so that each channel is divided into 13 segments. An HDTV broadcast signal occupies 12 segments, leaving the remaining one segment for mobile receivers. Thus services for mobile reception is named “1-seg” or “One-Seg”.

1-seg also supports data broadcasting which provides news, weather information, and even program-related information with the mobile terminal’s telecommunications functions via the Internet.

Viewers can enjoy a sharp TV picture any time, anywhere with a variety of mobile terminals.

Video (H.264)
approx. 180 – 256kbps
320 * 240 or 180
15 fps
Audio (AAC-SBR)
approx. 32 – 64kbps
Data-cast (BML)
approx. 20 – 80kbps

Unique & Unparalleled Broadcasting Service

Example of business model

Additional information service

This service can provide additional information linked to on-air programs such as information on athletes and celebrities, recipes, questionnaire and quiz.

TV shopping

This service enables viewers to purchase commercial goods shown on shopping program.

Local service

This service can provide local information such as emergency alerts, local events, notice from local government or hospital.

New technology

Automatic activation of One-Seg receivers through emergency warning broadcasts.
For the detail explanation, see EWBS.

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