Data broadcasting

Data broadcasting

Data broadcasting provides useful information

By clicking on d-button of a remote control unit, you can access your requested information such as local weather forecast, 24H news and information linked to on-air programs.

Local weather forecast

Local news

Information linked to on-air program

2 types of data services

  • Non-linked contents
    • Information service not linked to on-air programs
    • Accessible any time
  • Program-linked contents
    • Information service linked to on-air programs
    • Accessible during on-air

Basic page format

Traffic information
Weather forecast
earthquake information
Internet contents
event information
Movie Information
shopping information

Non-linked contents

Program-linked data contents

Program-linked interactive contents

Data Broadcasting

Data broadcasting provides news, weather, traffic, stock market, and other information which may relate to the programs carried with. Viewers can access up-to-the-minute news and other information on-demand.
Data broadcasting can be classified into two categories. One is independent data broadcasting such as news, weather forecasts and and the other is linked data broadcasting which transmits supplementary information on the main television program.
Linked data broadcasting ,for example, provides information about the characters in a TV drama. In a sports program, you can check progress on the game and find information about the athletes.
ISDB-T can send more detailed information via communications lines to complement the data broadcasting which has only limited bandwidth. Viewers can access rich data contents, including photos, with the digital TV connected to the Internet.

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