7th Meeting with Brazilian SBTVD Forum held in Las Vegas

The 7th meeting between ARIB/DiBEG and SBTVD Forum was held in Las Vegas during the NAB Show 2019. This regular meeting is being held twice a year, at the occasion of the NAB Show and the SET Expo.

From the SBTVD Forum Mr. Moisés Queiroz Moreira, Commissioner of ANATEL (AGÊNCIA NACIONAL DE TELECOMUNICAÇÕES), Mr. Carlos Fini, President of SET (Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia de Televisão) and other executives were present in the meeting.

From the Japanese side Dr. M. Sugawara, Chairman of DiBEG, Mr. T. Nakatogawa, Task Force Chairman for the next generation broadcasting technologies, together with Mr. H. Kimura, Director for Digital Broadcasting Technology, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIC) as an observer, Mr. M. Takechi of NHK Engineering Service (via internet), Mr. Y. Sakaguchi of JTEC and some other members joined the meeting.

At the start of the meeting the Brazilian side expressed their high appreciation to the Japanese side for their support during the introduction of digital terrestrial TV in Brazil, with their expectation of maintaining continuous collaboration as ever.

The Japanese side introduced the latest status in the development of 8K terrestrial TV broadcasting technologies, 4K terrestrial broadcasting technologies in conjunction with 2K parallel broadcasting, etc.
The Brazilian side explained their wide range roadmap from the start of digital terrestrial broadcasting up to the future broadcast services including 4K/8K. They expressed expectations on new broadcasting technologies emerging at the timing of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games, based on the fact that such technologies have advanced substantially at the occasion of the past major sport events such as Olympics and World Cups. They also explained the current status of the ASO (Analog Switch-Off) in Brazil, adding that the program has been going smoothly, with the permeation of receiver products in the consumer market.

Both parties agreed to proceed with their collaboration in the revision of the ABNT/ARIB Joint Document.

They discussed the introduction of EWBS (Emergency Warning Broadcast System) to the ISBD-T adopting countries in Latin America including Brazil; and confirmed that they would continue working together for the EWBS introduction to these ISDB-T adopting countries in the region, including the incorporation of EWBS functionality into the ABNT standard.

They also agreed to continue harmonization of the Ginga and the Hybridcast technologies together.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in August, during the SET Expo 2019.

Atmosphere of Meeting

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