The 2nd Regular ARIB/DiBEG – SBTVD Forum Meeting Held

ARIB/DiBEG and SBTVD Forum have been collaborating in the promotion of ISDB-T in Latin America.  Starting this past April, to further enhance the collaborative activities the two entities decided to have regular meeting sessions roughly every 6 months, and at the SET EXPO 2016 opportunity the 2nd regular meeting was held on September 1 in Sao Paulo.  At this occasion, as the very 1st trial, the ARIB/DiBEG representatives were present at the session in a different manner; while 3 people including Mr. Y. Homma, Vice Director General of R&D Headquarters of ARIB, were present at the conference room in the Expo Center, face to face with the SBTVD people, 3 other people such as Dr. M. Sugawara, Chairman of DiBEG, participated in the meeting from Japan via a web conference system.

Both parties started the meeting with the exchange of the latest status of each country.  Japan explained the trial 4K/8K broadcasting launched as of August 1 and also about ARIB’s preparatory status toward the standardization of the commercial operation of such services.
The Brazilian side proposed closer exchange of information between the two parties in respect to the next generation of broadcasting services, due to the urgency to make policy decision-making within a few years; and the Japanese side accepted it.  Both parties will each nominate a contact person and will continue exchange of information.

Besides, as to the subject pending since the last meeting on the renewal of the joint documents compiling the differences between the ARIB and the Brazilian ISDB-T standards, both parties agreed on the concrete steps to take together.

There was also exchange of views and opinions regarding the diffusion of EWBS receivers in the Latin American market.  Japan proposed to carry out a survey toward Japanese and Brazilian manufacturers about the challenges to the mass marketing of EWBS receivers, to which Brazilian side responded that they would cast inquiries to those suppliers upon receiving detailed questionnaire from Japan.

The next regular meeting was agreed to be set at the opportunity of the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in April next year.

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