SET 2012 in Brazil

On August 20-23, 2012, Brazilian Society of Television Engineering (SET) held its 25th exhibition and conference as “SET Broadcast & Cable 2012” at Imigrantes Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

At the exhibition, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan arranged a Japan booth for the first time, and about 20 DiBEG member companies demonstrated new ISDB-T related technologies, services and products such as 85-inch UHDTV LCD, Emergency Warning Broadcasting System (EWBS), new Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting System (ISDB-Tmm), portable receivers and STBs.

Also, Mr. Watanabe, the chairman of DiBEG, lectured at the conference regarding (1) ISDB-T promotion activity, (2) ISDB-Tmm in service in Japan, (3) Complete ASO in Japan and (4) Development of ISDB-T related technologies, titled as “ISDB-T in the world,” with many audience attended.

According to the official announcement, 192 exhibitors and about 9,100 participants attended the exhibition and conference.

Japan Booth

Presentation by Mr. Watanabe, the chairman of DiBEG

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