Digital Terrestrial TV Seminar Held in Guatemala

While there are two broadcasters which started test transmission of ISDB-T broadcasting in December, 2017, the government of Guatemala is expected to soon establish a decree which is equivalent to the master plan of transition to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting. Under such circumstances a digital terrestrial TV seminar was held in Guatemala City, Guatemala on March 19, 2018, organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIC) and Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones of Guatemala (SIT).

The Japanese delegation was headed by Mr. S. Takagi, Director-General for International Affairs of Global Strategy Bureau of MIC, together with Mr. H. Ogawa, Director for Digital Broadcasting Technology Division, as well as Mr. H. Horikawa, JICA Expert in digital TV broadcasting, the representatives from DiBEG member companies such as NEC, Hitachi Kokusai, Maspro and Toshiba, and also including ARIB/DiBEG secretariat.

Approximately 60 Guatemalan people participated in the seminar, including Mr. Selvin Juarez, Superintendent of SIT, government officials, broadcasters, etc.
At the opening of the seminar, Mr. S. Juarez and Mr. S. Takagi each made opening remarks, followed by the Guatemalan representatives presenting the latest situation of the study of the draft decree for the introduction of digital terrestrial television and also on the result of comparisons between the actual field measurement data taken by the measuring instruments offered by Japan and the data of simulation by SIT, etc.
Each of the Japanese delegation members made presentation on their own products, technologies and knowhow on the transmitting and receiving equipment and products. The ARIB Secretariat presented its technical support programs to those ISDB-T adopting countries as well as the benefits of applying EWBS (Emergency Warning Broadcast System) in Guatemala.

At the seminar hall there was an exhibition area provided, where ARIB demonstrated EWBS signage application, and DiBEG member companies exhibited their own transmitting and receiving systems and products.

Reception Area of the Seminar

Overview of the Seminar Hall

Opening Remarks by Mr. S. Juarez

Opening Remarks by Mr. S. Takagi

Presentation by Mr. E. Ajquejay of SIT

Exhibition Area

Display and Demo at ARIB/DiBEG

Q&A Session, etc.

At the Q&A session, seminar participants raised various questions such as streaming broadcast, interference between analog and digital TV broadcast, STB sales situation in Japan, CATV and satellite broadcast transmission technologies, etc.; each of which the Japanese presenters responded accordingly.

The seminar was concluded with the closing speech by Mr. Elvin Ajquejay of SIT.

Photo of Japanese and Guatemalan Representatives at the Closing

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