Seminar and Exhibition on Digital Terrestrial TV Held in La Paz, Bolivia

Since Bolivia decided to adopt ISDB-T in July, 2010 as its national digital TV standard, digital terrestrial TV service has already been put in service by Bolivia TV (BTV) in several major cities, including La Paz.  With the Supreme Decree No.3152 issued by the Bolivian government as of April 19, 2017, it is expected that the implementation of digital terrestrial TV service in Bolivia would be accelerated.

Under such situation, expecting that the Bolivian broadcasters would get better acquainted with the latest progress of digital terrestrial TV technologies for their implementation, and also to introduce the technical and engineering capabilities of the Japanese companies on their transmission equipment and systems, there was a seminar and exhibition on digital terrestrial TV held on January 30, 2018 in La Paz, Bolivia, organized by the Vice Ministry of Telecommunications of Bolivia, co-hosted by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIC).

At this opportunity of being requested by MIC to participate together, ARIB/DiBEG decided to dispatch its representative for this seminar and technical demonstration.

Representing the Bolivian side, Mr. Marco Antonio Vásquez, Vice Minister of Telecommunications and government officials, as well as executives from private broadcasters, academia, etc. attended the seminar and exhibition, where approximately 120 people attended.

Mr. S. Takagi, Director-General of the Global ICT Strategy Bureau and Mr. H. Ogawa, Director for Digital Broadcasting Technology Division respectively from MIC headed the Japanese delegation.  Ms. K. Koga, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in Bolivia, also attended the Seminar.  Among the ARIB/DiBEG member companies, Hitachi Kokusai Electric, NEC and Toshiba participated in the presentation and exhibition, together with one representative from ARIB/DiBEG secretariat.

During the Seminar, following the welcome speeches by Mr. Vásquez and Mr. Takagi, there were 3 presentations by the Bolivian representatives, and 5 presentations by the Japanese delegation, totaling 8 presentations.

Mr. S. Takagi, MIC – Presentations by Japanese Delegation

Mr. H. Ogawa, MIC – Presentations by Japanese Delegation

Dr. M. Naemura, ARIB/DiBEG – Presentations by Japanese Delegation

Mr. Vásquez introduced the outline of the current i status of its nationwide digital terrestrial TV implementation, referring to the launching of digital TV service in major cities including La Paz, and future planning of network expansion.  Representative of the Telecommunications and Transport Regulation and Control Authority (ATT) mentioned the current status of digital terrestrial TV in Bolivia and its future activity planning for nationwide expansion, as well as technical and engineering tackling, impressively appealing the benefits and advantages of digital television to the seminar participants.  Representative of private broadcasters presented their latest preparatory status and future planning for the transition to digital terrestrial TV broadcasting.

Mr. Ogawa, representing MIC, presented the advantages in digital terrestrial TV as well as Japan’s experiences in the transition to digital terrestrial TV, ARIB representative introducing its support activities on ISDB-T permeation and also on the application of Emergency Warning Broadcast System (EWBS), together with the 3 DiBEG member company representatives; Toshiba presenting its broadcast-related equipment and systems and an EWBS system, NEC presenting ISDB-T services and technologies, and Hitachi Kokusai introducing transmission and distribution solutions to ISDB-Tb broadcasting.

Overview of the Seminar Hall

At the exhibition area, Toshiba exhibited encoder/multiplexer equipment and an EWBS server; NEC displayed transmission infrastructure-related equipment; Hitachi Kokusai exhibited TV transmission systems and head-end equipment; and ARIB/DIBEG showed and demonstrated an EWBS receiving module and display.


Demo/Exhibit Area

Digital Terrestrial TV Seminar at Universidad Mayor San Andres (UMSA)

Upon request by the Bolivian government and also by Universidad Mayor San Andres (UMSA), the Japanese delegation made presentations at the seminar for UMSA students on January 31st, mostly with the same contents of what were introduced the previous day.

The UMSA seminar hall was filled up with many students, who approached presenters after each of the presentations for questions and more information, showing their strong eagerness for the latest technologies of digital terrestrial television.

Snap shot during the seminar at UMSA

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