Technical Harmonization Meeting of ISDB-T International Forum Held in Sao Paulo

Taking the opportunity of the SET EXPO 2016 in Sao Paulo, on August 29 the Technical Harmonization Meeting of the ISDB-T International Forum was held, where the ISDB-T adopting countries exchanged technical views and opinions.  Representatives from 10 countries, namely Japan (from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, ARIB/DiBEG and a JICA Expert in Peru), Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Guatemala and Venezuela, attended the meeting.

At the meeting they exchanged the current progress in ISDB-T implementation at each of the countries and their current challenges toward the analog switch-off (ASO); while Japan presented their experiences in the ASO such as various promotional tools and campaigns for the pre-announcements, as well as its roadmaps toward the 4K/8K broadcasting.

Also at the Technical Harmonization Meeting, where technical documents have been compiled and revised in 3 areas (Hardware, Middleware and EWBS) by incorporating the differences in the standards of each of the member countries, ARIB/DiBEG made a presentation about the history and the points of discussions on EWBS, and presented some ideas of solutions to the challenges to the mass permeation of ISDB-T receiver products in the market.

A new subject of discussion was raised in the meeting that there are differences in the type approval procedures on the transmitter and receiver products among the member countries.  To tackle this subject it was agreed that an e-mail-based virtual team should be established to share and exchange information among the member countries.

Atmosphere of Meeting

Presentation by Mr. Y. Sakaguchi, DiBEG Expert

Presentation by Mr. N. Okabe, JICA Expert

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