5th Meeting with Brazilian SBTVD Forum held in Las Vegas

The regular meeting between ARIB/DiBEG and the SBTVD Forum was held on April 11, 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Both parties have been meeting twice a year since April, 2016; and this was the 5th meeting, at the opportunity of the NAB Show 2018.

The Brazilian side consisted of 12 members, including Mr. Moises Queiroz Moreira, Secretary of Broadcasting, MCTIC – Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications, Mr. Jose Marcelo do Amaral, President of SBTVD Forum, Mr. Roberto Franco, Former President of SBTVD, Ms. Liliana Nakonechnyj, President, Sociedad Brasilena de Ingenieria de Television (SET), etc.

The Japanese side included Dr. M. Sugawara, Chairman of DiBEG, Mr. K. Murayama, Chair of the DiBEG Task Force for Next-Generation Broadcasting Technology, Mr. H. Ogawa, Director for Digital Broadcasting Technology, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), and Mr. K. Kono, Vice Director General, R&D Headquarters, ARIB.

The meeting was started by the speech of Mr. Moreira, appreciating Japan’s support and cooperation for the digital terrestrial TV implementation in Brazil, adding that he would expect continual mutual cooperation toward the next-generation broadcasting technology.

Next-Generation of Digital Terrestrial TV

The Japanese side started with the explanation of the latest status on the new 4K/8K broadcasting, R&D of further enhancement of terrestrial TV technologies, development of the technology of 2K broadcasting simultaneous with terrestrial 4K broadcasting in the promotion of advanced TV broadcasting services, etc.

The Brazilian side explained that, in respect to next-generation of digital terrestrial TV broadcasting now being studied in the SBTVD Forum, a draft of the revision of standards on those enhancement of functionality attainable in a short time-frame (such as the advancement of broadcasting and communication convergence services utilizing the new Ginga profile, HDR, advanced audio system, etc.) would be complete for public review and comments by June, 2018.

They also explained the standardization of next-generation broadcasting technologies as a long-term challenge would include advancement of video and audio quality, enhancement of IP application to broadcasting, improvement of accessibility and emergency alerts as well as the system scalability; which would be ready for public review and comments by the end of 2020.

Harmonization between Ginga and Hybridcast

The Japanese side explained that the revised standard of Hybridcast is expected to be approved shortly.

The Brazilian aide explained that they have decided to develop a middleware based on HTML5 in Ginga-IPP (Integrated Broadcast Broadband), and that they are studying the feasibility.

Revision of ABNT/ARIB Joint Documents

Both parties agreed that the Joint Documents except for Nos. 5, 6, 7 and 10 have been checked and confirmed by both parties; and that these documents have finished the revision works and can be publicized.

There are some other documents soon to be revised by ABNT, and the subsequent confirmation of the revisions by both parties would be made separately. And as soon as the revisions of ABNT documents are completed, the Joint Documents would be revised accordingly.


The Brazilian side explained to the Japanese side that, while the ABNT standard of EWBS does not have any problem, the actual introduction and implementation of EWBS in Brazil is rather stagnant due to the situation of the Brazilian Government. The Brazilian side suggested to the Japanese side that, in order to stimulate and expedite the study of EWBS adoption by the Brazilian Government, MIC might work toward the Brazilian counterpart accordingly.

Next-Generation DTTB Technology Workshop

Both parties discussed the details of the Next-Generation DTTB Technology Workshop scheduled on May 18 in Tokyo, including the presenters and the contents of presentations.

Next Meeting Opportunity

Both parties agreed that the next (6th) meeting would be held in Sao Paulo in August, 2018 at the occasion of SET EXPO 2018.

Atmosphere of Meeting

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