The 8th Regular Meeting between ARIB/DiBEG and SBTVD Forum Held in Sao Paulo

On August 29 the 8th Regular Meeting between ARIB/DiBEG and the SBTVD Forum was held; where 9 members from Brazil, including Mr. J. Amaral, President of SBTVD Forum, attended, and 7 members from Japan, including Dr. M. Sugawara, Chairman of DiBEG, attended the meeting.

Atmosphere of Meeting

At the meeting the Japanese side introduced the latest status on its next-generation broadcasting technologies, while the Brazilian side explained that they are proceeding with the “DTV Play” enabling the seamless service from broadcasting through internet, and that they are in need of establishing a new market and business models.

Both parties checked the latest development on the ARIB/DiBEG Joint Document revision and updating works since their last meeting in April, 2019.

Both parties also exchanged the latest status of study on the operation of the EWBS Superimpose; and confirmed that they are inclined to apply and multiplex the EWBS Superimpose only to the One-seg broadcasting operation. They would continue their exchange of information on the implementation, based on some field trials and further studies to be carried out from now onward.

The Japanese side made a presentation on Ginga/Hybridcast as to the general concept and the service image, showing some demonstration videos. The next-generation Hybridcast is a service that shifts the target focus from TV receivers to smartphones, more focusing on the viewpoint of smartphone users than conventional broadcasting, which attracted strong attention of the Brazilian participants.

They agreed to have the next regular meeting at the opportunity of the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. in April next year.

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