Approval of the ISDB-T EWBS Harmonization Document

On May 28, 2013, the ISDB-T International Forum approved the technical harmonization document on EWBS (Emergency Warning Broadcast System) among the member countries.
The document is available on our web site.

This document summarizes the common rules of the emergency warning broadcast system (EWBS) applied to the ISDB-T adopting countries, comprising the signals transmitted by the broadcast stations and its interpretation by compliant receivers.

This document is the outcome of the efforts of the EWBS Working Group in the Forum, which has been lead by the coordinator, Mr. Sakaguchi, the former Japanese expert dispatched to Peru, and his successor as the coordinator, Mr. Yoshimi, the Japanese expert dispatched to Costa Rica.

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2 Part 3: Emergency Warning Broadcast System EWBS May 28, 2013 English: Download [1MB]
Spanish: Download [1MB]
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