11th Japan–Philippines JWG Meeting Held in Manila

The governments of Japan and the Philippines have been holding a series of Japan-Philippines Joint Working Group (JWG) meetings in order to study and discuss challenges to the ISDB-T implementation in the Philippines; and the 11th JWG Meeting was held on September 23 at the headquarters of National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in Manila, Philippines. ARIB/DiBEG representatives also participated in the JWG.

While the Filipino side was comprised of the representatives of NTC and a JICA expert, the Japanese delegation consisted of the representatives from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, a DiBEG expert and a representative from the secretariat.

Atmosphere of Meeting 1

Atmosphere of Meeting 2

The Filipino side explained the current status of digital TV license applications by broadcasters, latest study results on the introduction of CAS (Conditional Access System), and on the frequency re-allocation for the existing operators in a specific UHF bandwidth to new channels.
The Filipino side also explained that they are studying to set up a “Digital Terrestrial TV Implementation Commission”, a sort of task force of legal procedures in which representatives from both public and private sectors get together for smooth transition to digital terrestrial TV, to monitor the TV reception environments, to test TV receivers, and to study rules on TV broadcasting.

On the other hand the Japanese representatives explained the latest status of other ISDB-T adopting countries, introduced MIC’s support programs to the Philippines, pointed out some probable technical challenges with the transition to TV digitization, and made suggestion of some of the countermeasures. Above all they introduced concrete measures to the technical challenges in the receiving environment monitoring, including the monitoring methodologies.

JWG Meeting Participants

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