Digital TV Seminar and Demonstration in Philippines

Hosted by DiBEG and NTC. A test transmitter was used for demonstration of both indoor and outdoor reception. Also, EWS (Emergency Warning System) was introduced and demonstrated. For two days, the technical seminar was held for 9 themes. Many participant were impressed by both seminar and demonstration. 


Date February 27th and 28th, 2008
Place Hotel Rembrandt in Manila
Hosts SBETP (Society of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians of the Philippines)
Presenters Mr. Yamakawa : (MIC)
Mr. Takahashi : (DiBEG Chairman)
Mr. Maruyama : (TV Asahi Corporation)
Mr. Sakashita : (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Yokohata : (NHK)
Purpose of seminar Seminar for SBETP engineers.  Outline of ISDB-T is presented on the first day.  Specific technologies are lectured on the second day. Demonstration of ISDB-T is also performed. — Click here
Contents Eight presentations
  1. Digital TV Broadcasting in Japan — “Mr. Yamakawa”
    The present status of digital broadcasting in Japan, features of ISDB-T, and Japanese assistance plan to the Philippines.
  2. ISDB-T Applications — “Mr. Maruyama”
    A variety of services of ISDB-T are explained with examples.
  3. ISDB-T Receiver — “Mr. Sakashita”
    Receivers by types: fixed, mobile, portable and One-seg; hardware and software; diversity reception; and prices.
  4. Features/Standard Structure of ISDB-T — “Mr. Takahashi”
    Features and structure of standards of ISDB-T are explained in detail.
  5. Emergency Warning Broadcast System — “Mr. Yokohata”
    Outline of warning broadcast; merits over communication; by analog and digital broadcasting; automatic activation of One-seg.
  6. Outline of Coding/ Datacasting/ Multiplexing system for ISDB-T in Japan — “Mr. Takahashi”
    Video and audio coding; datacasting, BML vs. HTML; One-seg; multiplexing; transmission control and service information.
  7. Broadcasting Station Facility — “Mr. Sawada”
    Broadcaster’s infrastructure for digital: studio system, transmission system and sound broadcasting ISDB-Tsb.
  8. Implementation of ISDB-T — “Mr. Maruyama”
    Service and business, implementation examples of ISDB-T.


Date February 27th and 28th, 2008
Place Hotel Rembrandt in Manila
Purpose of seminar In conjunction with a seminar for SBETP (Society of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians of the Philippines) engineers, an ISDB-T demonstration is carried out. — Click here for the seminar

1. High definition receivers of ISDB-T

  • (1) HD reception on two flat panel receivers (right two)
  • (2) ISDB-T promotion video in high definition (second from left)
  • (3) Reception of digital broadcasting by analog TV set with a set top box (far left)

2. One-seg reception by seven models

3. Reception of HDTV and One-seg in a moving car

4. Emergency warning broadcast system and automatic activation of One-seg terminals


5. Snapshots


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