DiBEG News (2000)

DiBEG News

DiBEG attended Congress ABERT/ SET 2000

ABERT/ SET 2000 Broadcast & Cable was held in Paulo, Brazil on August 21-23, 2000. DiBEG participated in the seminars and presented three technical documents below. Mr. Sugimoto, Chairman of DiBEG reported recent progress of digital broadcating in Japan, and Mr. Simizu (Tokyo Broadcasting ...
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Demonstration of ISDB-T System at ABERT/ SET 2000 Braodcast & Cable

ABERT/ SET study group demonstrated HDTV reception and mobile reception of SDTV and Data Broadcasting that were transmitted through ISDB-T systems at ABERT/ SET 2000 Broadcast & Cable.  And DiBEG cooperated with ISDB-T receivers for this demonstration.  The strong feature of ISDB-T system in mob...
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DiBEG’s Comment on the ABERT/ SET Final Report

ABERT∗1/ SET∗2 group of Brazil Carried out the open comparison test of three digital terrestrial television broadcasting systems : ATSC (U.S.), DVB-T (Europe), and ISDB-T (Japan) from January to April, 2000.  It is the first test in the world which three systems were done under the same transmission...
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Up-date Seminar & DEMO of ISDB-T in Hong Kong SAR

Up-date Seminar & Demo of ISDB-T were held in Hong Kong on June 15 and 16, 2000. The number of participants, who were from Hong Kong Digital Television Technical Committer, SMPTE Hong Kong branch and broadcasters in Hong Kong, exceeded 50.  A lot of ISDB-T equipment, transmitters and set top ...
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