DiBEG’s Comment on the ABERT/ SET Final Report

ABERT∗1/ SET∗2 group of Brazil Carried out the open comparison test of three digital terrestrial television broadcasting systems : ATSC (U.S.), DVB-T (Europe), and ISDB-T (Japan) from January to April, 2000.  It is the first test in the world which three systems were done under the same transmission condition.

The result of test was reported to ANATEL∗3 as the final report regarding the technical evaluation and opened to the public at the website : http://www.anatel.gov.br/biblioteca/publicacao/relatorio_tvdigital_cp237.htm

∗1 : ABERT — Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters
∗2 : SET — Brazilian Society of Television Engineering
∗3 : ANATEL — the Telecommunication Regulatory Agency for the Brazilian Government

DiBEG has submitted Comments on the ABERT/ SET Final Report to ANATEL in July, 2000.

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