DiBEG attended ISDB-T Seminar in Venezuela

ISDB-T Seminar was held in Caracas, Venezuela on August 28-29, 2006.

DiBEG participated in the seminars and presented 5 technical documents below.

Mr. Takahashi : (TOSHIBA CORPORATION) reported 1. 2. 4.(Part1) 5.(Part1) , and Mr. Maruyama : (TV Asahi Corporation) reported 3. 4.(Part2) 5.(Part2)

  1. Policy and Digitalization Process in Japan
  2. Technical Features of ISDB-T
  3. Service Features of ISDB-T
  4. DTTB Products and Infrastructure in Japan
    Part1 : DTTB products in Japan
    Part2 : Outline of Broadcaster’s Infrastructure
  5. Current Topics of DTTB in Japan
    Part1 : HDTV mobile reception
    Part2 : “One-Seg” Handheld reception service for ISDB-T
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