Ecuador is the sixth country to adopt the standard of ISDB-T

On Thursday, 25 March, CONATEL (National Council of Telecommunication in Ecuador) decided ISDB-T as the standard of the digital terrestrial TV in Ecuador. The decision is based on the report by the Superintendency of Telecommunications, the technical body in charge of the studies to define the standard.
The report contains the brief history of television, international standards for digital TV and its implementation plans, along with technical testing, usability analysis and regulatory and economic impacts.

The order of the evaluation for the standard is as follows:
1st: ISDB-T (Japanese-Brazilian) 2nd: DVB-T (European) 3rd: DTMB (Chinese) 4th: ATSC (American)

The report of the Superintendency is found in the following web cite:

On Friday, 26 March, it signed the memorandum of cooperation with representative of the government of Japan and Brazil.

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