DiBEG Task Force and Adviser to DiBEG got ITU-AJ Awards

The 48th Celebration for World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) was held by the ITU Association of Japan (ITU-AJ President: Mr. Michiaki Ogasawara) at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo on May 17.

The Encouragement Award: International Cooperation Field was conferred to the Task Force for New ISDB-T countries of DiBEG at this occasion; and Mr. Masahiro Okano, Chairman of the Task Force, reverently received a crystal commemorative plaque.
Also, Mr. Yoshiki Maruyama, Adviser to DiBEG, was conferred the Award for the International Cooperation Field Accomplishment, and received a crystal commemorative plaque.

DiBEG Task Force for New ISDB-T countries (Encouragement Award: International Cooperation Field)

Achievement in the Award;

From viewpoint of furthering international diffusion of terrestrial digital broadcasting standard developed by Japan, in response to countries in Asian and African regions which have newly decided to adopt ISDB-T, by means of holding technology seminars and supporting development of technical standards for transmitters and receivers, etc., contributed to development of each country’s broadcasting field.

Mr. Yoshiki Maruyama, Adviser to DiBEG (Award for International Cooperation Field Accomplishment)

Achievement in the Award;

As JICA expert in Chile which adopted Japanese system, contributed greatly to the spread of digital broadcasting in the country by providing assistance for launching terrestrial digital broadcasting and formulating master plan.  In addition, his technical assistance in other countries adopting the Japanese system or considering adopting it made significant contributions to Japan’s international cooperation activities as an ARIB/DiBEG (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses / Digital Broadcast Experts Group) Advisor.

Mr. M. Okano, Chairman of the DiBEG
Task Force, receiving the plaque.

Mr. Y. Maruyama, Adviser to DiBEG,
receiving the plaque.

Crystal Plaque

In addition to the above award winning, among the DiBEG members, Mr. Nobuyuki Sato of NHK who has contributed to the ISDB-T implementation in Uruguay as JICA Expert, and Mr. Junji Matsuoka of NHK who has contributed to the ISDB-T adoption in Botswana, both got the Encouragement Award: International Cooperation Field.

Mr. N. Sato of NHK,
receiving the plaque.

Mr. J. Matsuoka of NHK,
receiving the plaque.


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