Japanese Cooperation of Television Digital in Peru (First success on HD live program transmission in Peru)

A Japanese broadcasting senior expert have been staying in Peru as Adviser for Digital Television and cooperating for the implementation of Television Digital nationwide. In addition to the installation of network equipments, to enrich HD (High Definition) contents is definitely important for its diffusion to the public.

For this purpose, Japanese HD live program transmission experiences is shared with Peruvian national broadcaster, IRTP (Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú). Japan has been also providing continuouls support for their stable operation, such as sending the expert of OB-van operation from NHK and holding capability training to the local staff.

As a result, Peru achieved the great success on its first HD live program transmission with the Japanese cooperation.

Capability Training of OB-van operation

In November, 2010, a NHK expert visited IRTP and conducted capability training of the HD OB-van operation. As a result of this cooperation, IRTP acquired skills for the operations by themselves.

First HD live transmission in Peru using HD OB-van

Date 28 Jan. 2011 ~ 30 Jan. 2011 (3 days)
Site Trujillo (approximately 800km north from Lima)
Program “National Marinera Competition”
(the important event of Peruvian folklore, traditional dance and deeply rooted in Peru)
Main equipments operated HD OB van, 7 HD cameras, HD satellite transmitter “Fly Away”
Operation OB-van was transferred by as much as 800km distance driving from Lima
The team that traveled to Trujillo for the transmission was composed of 32 people including engineers, technicians, producers, operators, personal assistants and display
OB-van was operated for 3 days totally (16 hours per day)
(Power was supplied only by pre-equipped Generator in 100V)
HD transmission by “Fly Away” (MPEG4 compression, 8PSK modulation by DVB-S2)

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