ISDB-T seminar in Indonesia

The seminar and the demonstration by DiBEG experts. The seminar for the government and the broadcasting engineers. Demonstration of ISDB-T is also performed.

The digital broadcasting seminar was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on Februaly 28-March1, 2007.

DiBEG participated in the seminars and presented 5 technical documents below.

  1. Digital TV Broadcasting in Japan
    (Mr. Akira Okubo, : Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
  2. Technical features of ISDB-T and Hardware
    (Mr. Yasuo Takahashi : TOSHIBA CORPORATION)
  3. ISDB-T applications — Present and Future
    (Mr. Yoshiki MARUYAMA : TV Asahi Corporation)
  4. ISDB-T / One-Seg Products — Exploding Market —
    (Mr. Hiroshi MIZUTANI : SHARP Corporation)
  5. Emergency Warning System for Broadcasting
    (Mr. Kenichi TSUCHIDA : Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK))


HDTV Reception

SDTV Reception by Set Top Box

One Seg Mobile Receivers



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