Participation into the SET EXPO 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

 The SET EXPO 2023 was held from August 7 through 10, 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, organized by SET (SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE ENGENHARIA DE TELEVISÃO; or Brazilian Society of Television Engineering). Like last year, this SET EXPO, the largest broadcasting exhibition and conference in Latin America, was held as a real event; and according to SET, while the number of participants was about 14,000, the same as last year, there were more than 100 exhibiting companies, and more than 150 brands joined this exhibition, together with the latest technological trends toward the next-generation digital terrestrial TV technology of Brazil (TV 3.0), contributing to a big success.

1. Period of the SET EXPO 2023:
 Conference: Monday Aug. 7 through Thursday 10 (4 days)
 Exhibition: Tuesday Aug. 8 through Thursday 10 (3 days)

2. Venue of SET EXPO 2023:
 EXPO CENTER NORTE, Blue Pavilion and Convention Center, Sao Paulo

3. Outline of the Opening Ceremony

 The Opening Ceremony started at 9:00 AM on Tuesday August 8. Following the announcement of the official opening by Mr. Carlos Fini, President of SET, Mr. Juscelino Filho, Minister of Communications who was appointed by President Mr. Lula da Silva in January, and Mr. Moisés Moreira, Adviser to ANATEL, congratulated the opening.
 In his speech Mr. Filho introduced the initiatives that have been implemented since the inauguration of the new government, and emphasized the importance of embracing competition, investing in technology and innovation, and maintaining core values; and that the broadcasting services would play an important role in providing information and building a culturally rich society.

Mr. Carlos Fini, SET President

Mr. Filho (left), Minister of Communications

4. Outline of the Conference
 Presentations and discussions were held in 58 sessions on the regulations, innovative technologies, business models, etc. on the “TV 3.0”, Brazil’s next-generation digital terrestrial TV broadcast; and simultaneous interpretation services between Portuguese and English was available at all venues.
In addition, in the session following the opening ceremony titled “The TV 3.0 Project for Brazil,” the Minister of Communications and the chairman of the SBTVD Forum discussed the significance and benefits of introducing TV 3.0, as the national public policy was announced in April this year.

In some other sessions, the following major points were clarified;
– An end-to-end demonstration will be introduced at the SET EXPO 2024 and the commercial broadcasting will be started in 2025,
– The trial transmission of the TV 3.0 will require two transmitters to be operated in parallel (simultaneously using both H- and V-polarizations), so called 2 x 2 MIMO ; and;
– Brazil will adopt frequency reuse-1 technology which enables different contents to be transmitted in adjacent service areas”.

On the final day of the conference, at the SET International Journal of Broadcasting Technology (SET IJBE) session, Mr. Kohei Kambara of NHK, and also is Head of the DiBEG Task Force for the countries considering next-generation terrestrial TV broadcasting technologies, gave a presentation on the development history of Japan’s Advanced ISDB-T and the details of the verification test results in Japan.

5. Outline of the Japan Pavilion and the ARIB/DiBEG Displays
At the Japan Pavilion in the exhibition hall set up by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, ARIB/DiBEG introduced its ISDB-T outreach activities as well as its proposal to the Brazilian TV 3.0 Project; NHK introduced Japan’s next-generation terrestrial digital TV technology and future broadcasting technologies; NEC showed VVC real-time encoding and decoding technology in response to the TV 3.0 project requirements as well as their TV 3.0-related laboratory experiment results; JTEC introduced a concept of comprehensive disaster prevention ICT system involving EWBS and CAP; and Hitachi Kokusai Electric introduced its microwave transmitter/receiver products for terrestrial digital broadcasting, together with an ISDB-T transmitter.
The Japan Pavilion welcomed many guests and visitors, including the SET President, senior officials from the Brazilian Ministry of Communications, TV 3.0 technical evaluation executives from the SBTVD Forum, etc.

Kagami-biraki Ceremony at Japan Pavilion

Mr. S. Nishimura, representing MIC at the SET EXPO reception

6. SET EXPO 2024

SET announced that the event next year will be held at a new venue in the “Distrito Anhembi” in São Paulo, where a larger space will be available to the visitors, exhibitors and conference participants.

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