Donation of High Definition Outside Broadcasting Van (HD-OB-Van) from Japan to Argentina

The HD-OB-Van that the Japanese government offered to Argentina national broadcaster has arrived to Argentina on October 1st, 2010.

When the HD-OB-Van arrived to the national broadcaster, many people looked on and when the Director Mr. Bauer welcomed the HD-OB-Van, this became an important event for the Argentina national broadcaster.

HD-OB-Van arrived to Argentina national broadcaster

Director Mr. Bauer and JICA Expert Kawana

On November 25th and 26th of 2010, training courses were given by an instructor who came from NHK to teach how to operate the HD-OB-Van. About 20 people participated in this training, such as the Chief of Technical Department, staff in charge of the equipment maintenance as well as staff in charge of the vehicle. The instructor explained an overview of the HD-OB-Van and the operation procedure of the electrical generator and onboard equipments.

Explanation of an overview of the HD-OB-Van

Explanation of the onboard equipments

The power supply voltage in Argentina is 220V. To use external power source, currently, repair jobs of the power source specifications from 100V to 220V have been made.

Electrical generator

External power input

For 2011, Argentina national broadcaster is planning to use this HD-OB-Van and to broadcast HDTV from all over Argentina.

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