ISDB-T Demonstration in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa for SADC Countries

On November 3-4, 2010, an exhibition of the benefits and features of ISDB-T was held in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa. This event was attended by the key broadcast networks and the delegates of the SADC member countries.

In the demonstration, a live program transmitted from 25 kilometers away with 2.5 KW antenna input power was being received and displayed at the exhibition hall allowing the participant to be treated to the superb performance of ISDB-T. Aside from the live analog program being simulcasted in Digital (ISDB-T), HDTV programs were demonstrated at the same time in the hall to establish a point of reference of the difference between analog SDTV quality to that of the HDTV.

The live test transmission was made possible through the support of SENTECH and South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) for providing contents, a licensed frequency, a transmitter and an antenna system.

The participants in this exhibition had extensive discussion on the prospects of ISDB-T in their respective countries, they expressed their support and are looking forward to the next trial transmission in the SADC region.


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