ARIB/DiBEG Participated in the Inter BEE 2019

The 55th Inter BEE 2019 was held at the Makuhari Messe in the suburb of Tokyo from November 13 through 15, where ARIB/DiBEG participated in the exhibition in its 6th consecutive year.

According to the announcement by the Inter BEE Secretariat, there were 1,158 companies and organizations participating in the exhibition this year, the largest record of exhibitors in its history, with 646 foreign participants from 34 countries/areas.

Following the launch of 4K/8K satellite broadcasting service in December last year, there were many 5G- and IP-based exhibits and demonstrations, as well as other various displays and demonstrations of 4K/8K-based equipment and systems.

At the ARIB/DiBEG booth we displayed the latest situation of standardization activities in broadcasting, together with our international activities in the promotion of ISDB-T, announcing that the Republic of Angola became the 20th ISDB-T adopting member countries. Some visitors to our booth commented that there were more 4K displays and demonstrations than last year. Some other visitors inquired about the latest situation of our promotional activities of ISBD-T in the international market.

Exhibition booth of ARIB/DiBEG

Brochures handed out at the Booth (English)

Brochures handed out at the Booth (Portuguese)

Brochures handed out at the Booth (Spanish)

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