DiBEG Got ITU-AJ Award

The 47th Celebration for World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) was held by the ITU Association of Japan (ITU-AJ President:  Mr. Michiaki Ogasawara) at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo on May 15.

The Encouragement Award:  International Cooperation Field was conferred to DiBEG at this occasion; and Mr. Toshihide Watanabe, Chairman of DiBEG, reverently received the crystal commemorative plaque.

Achievement in the Award;

Valuable efforts in international diffusion of Japan-developed terrestrial digital broadcasting technology (ISDB-T) now adopted by 16 foreign countries, including support for developing domestic standard in each country which has newly adopted ISDB-T, thus contributing to advancement of broadcasting in each country.

Plaque handed to DiBEG Chairman Mr. Watanabe by ITU-AJ President: Mr. Ogasawara

Chairman Mr. Watanabe, greeting on behalf of winners

Crystal Plaque

In addition, Mr. Yoshinori Kawana and Mr. Hiroshi Fujita, of both NHK, who contributed to the ISDB-T implementation in Argentina and Venezuela respectively as JICA Experts, received the same Award.

Mr. Kawana of NHK

Mr. Fujita of NHK


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