Meeting with President of SET, Brazil Held at ARIB Headquarters

On November 14, 2016 Mr. Olímpio José Franco, President of SET (Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia de Televisão), Brazil, visited the head office of ARIB in Tokyo.

ARIB/DiBEG has been internationally promoting ISDB-T, the Japanese digital terrestrial broadcast TV standard; and has been in close contact and collaboration with Brazil, who decided to adopt ISDB-T in 2006. This time, taking the opportunity that Mr. Franco visited Japan to attend the Inter BEE 2016, a meeting was set up between him and the people of ARIB/DiBEG member companies to exchange views and opinions on digital TV, as last year, where some people from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) joined as observers.

At the meeting, based on the request from Mr. Franco, there was mainly exchange of views and opinions on the next generation broadcasting technologies. The Japanese side presented the latest status of 4K/8K broadcasting. In the meantime Mr. Franco explained that Brazil would start its domestic study and analysis of the reallocation of UHF spectrum for broadcasting, that they are in need of proposing new, concrete contents of next generation of terrestrial digital broadcasting in the coming few years, that they are keenly interested in the progress of 4K/8K broadcasting in Japan, that the UHDTV Forum was established in Brazil this year participated by broadcasters, receiver manufacturers, etc. to study the next generation broadcasting, that they are eager to continue the study based on the Japanese standard, that they started study of the possibility of adopting HDR into the existing 2K broadcasting as one of the immediate solutions to tackle, etc.

At the closing of the meeting all the participants agreed that the Japan–Brazil relationship should better be Mr. Franco expressed his high appreciation to the people present at the room, adding that they would promote digital television in collaboration with the government of Japa and ARIB/DiBEG.

DiBEG welcomed Mr. O. Franco, President of SET

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