Seminar on ISDB-T International Activities in Peru and Costa Rica

A seminar on ISDB-T International Activities was held on 26 October at ARIB meeting room with 50 participants.


The current status and future prospects of digital TV in Peru and Costa Rica


Left: Mr. K. Hirose of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), who had worked for Peru as JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Engineering Support Adviser Mr. K. Hirose of NHK Mr. Y. Yoshimi of NHK
Right: Mr. Y. Yoshimi of NHK, who had worked for Costa Rica as JICA Engineering Support Adviser


The seminar covers supporting activities including implementation of ISDB-T nationwide, engineering guidance, human resources development in Peru and Costa Rica, and development of ISDB-T International Harmonization Document EWBS (Emergency Warning Broadcast System).

The presentation and discussion in the seminar

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