Successful EWBS (Emergency Warning Broadcasting System) transmission trial in Peru

With the cooperation of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) expert, Peruvian states broadcaster IRTP conducted EWBS transmission trial on 6th December 2010. This is the first successful EWBS trial among those countries which adapted ISDB-T in South America.

On this trial, IRTP put EWBS test signal on its digital transmission operated in Lima, and newly developed ISDB-T receiver for South American market by one of the Japanese makers received EWBS signal and showed good designed performance, even when the receivers are switched off it can be activated automatically by the emergency signal and notice warning alert to the viewers.

Because there are many cases of natural disaster such as earthquake in Peru, EWBS is expected one of the most important features of ISDB-T.

Japan continues cooperation towards the full scale EWBS operation using ISDB-T transmission in Peru.

EWBS receiver developed by a Japanese maker

Test message of Emergency warning

The JICA expert Mr. Sakaguchi explained the EWBS demonstration to the IRTP members.

They were monitoriing the emergency warning message.

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