Chile adopts ISDB-T

On Monday, September 14, Chile adopted ISDB-T, which was created in Japan and developed in Brazil, as the domestic standard of the terrestrial digital broadcasting.

The President of the Republic of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, announced the adoption of ISDB-T. The reason of the decision is based on the technical advantage. It allows for better reception quality on the country’s mountainous geography. It provides not only HDTV and multi SDTV program but also free TV service on the cellular phone. According to the government, over 65% of households have access only to broadcasting television and many of them use the in door antennas for television reception. The implementation of digital TV will substantially improve the quality of picture and sound that are received in the houses. It will also provide a progressive future access to new services and interactive applications.

The decision was made after analyzing the various technological alternatives with technical trials and international studies. The consultations with leading universities and think tanks were also taken to evaluate the evolution and projection of global standards.

Finally, in order to implement the terrestrial digital TV in Chile, it is necessary to have the congressional approval for amending the law.

The details of the announcement by the Chilean government can be found on:

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