Japan Proposed draft 8MHz ISDB-T Standard for Botswana on 30th-31st, July

The Japanese delegation, comprising of the representatives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, ARIB and several private companies, visited Botswana to hold the 1st Joint Taskforce on ISDB-T broadcasting, in order to extend its support for the works on the implementation of ISDB-T and the subsequent ASO (analog switch-off), based on Japan’s experiences. During the Joint Workshop, Mr. H. Sanei from NHK, Chairman of the 7 & 8MHz ISDB-T Taskforce of DiBEG, proposed a draft of the ISDB-T Standard for the bandwidth of 8MHz[PDF 175KB/12 pages]. Both parties agreed to continue exchange of information toward the goal to diffuse efficiently the digital terrestrial TV by ISDB-T.

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