ISDB-T was recommended as the standard for the terrestrial digital TV in Costa Rica

On Thursday, 29 April, the Joint Commission on Digital Television of Costa Rica decided to sign a comprehensive document that recommends that the Executive Branch implement ISDB-T as the standard for digital television in the country.

The Joint Commission had a technical report of the Subcommittee of engineers and technicians. The report counted with field trials in different areas of the country, concluding that the ISDB-T has been the best behaved and adapted to local conditions, taking into account factors such as coverage area, power-to-received signal strength signal has larger technical and quality advantages of service and allows more efficient use of spectrum further democratize the radio spectrum and broadcast television service.

The Joint Committee heard reports on the economic and social hub for the implementation of digital television in our country. In this regard it concluded that it is necessary to deepen the foregoing and for such purpose, design an implementation process digital ignition with an inclusive vision, through public policy on digital television.

Considering that the digital power in Costa Rica represents an enormous opportunity for Development recommends to the Executive:

Adopt ISDB-T to be the most technically robust and power-quality and coverage and the most given to digital TV in Costa Rica, considering the use of the spectrum, the development of future interactive platforms, and allows other possibilities such as digital mobile TV, among others.

Extend the work of the Joint Commission for another month to work on social, economic and educational, in order that the selection and development of ISDB-T in Costa Rica could result in a large technological benefit, social and economic.

The report from the Joint Commission is available in the following site:

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