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Digital TV Seminar in Chile

2nd International Seminar on Local TV
Date November 28-29, 2007
Place Concepcion, Chile
Contents Seminar and demonstration by the representatives of three systems (ISDB-T, ATSC, DVB-T).
DiBEG participates in the seminars and presents 2 technical documents.


The seminar by the representatives of three systems introduced each system, and reported the experience in other countries and support programs for Chile.  And they discussed with each other.

1. Digital TV Broadcasting in Japan (English) — "Mr. Sekiguchi"
2. ISDB-T Aplicaciones (Español) — "Mr. Roppongi"


DiBEG performed HDTV demonstration on two flat panel displays.  In addition, by courtesy of Channel 11 we could demonstrate live reception of four-channel service of SDTV with simultaneous One-seg service from an outdoor transmission antenna.  Thus we impressed the audience with wide variety of services ISDB-T can offer.

Snapshot in Demo
Snapshot in Demo