ARIB/DiBEG Joined the MIC Meeting with Representatives from El Salvador

In January 2017 El Salvador decided to adopt ISDB-T as its national digital terrestrial TV standard, which means that it is the 19th country in the world, and the 14th country in Latin America, adopting ISDB-T.

This time, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIC) invited Ms. Blanca Noemi Coto Estrada, Superintendenta – Directora Presidenta of Superintendencia General de Electricidad y Telecomunicaciones (SIGET), to Japan, to offer the outline of ISDB-T, experiences in digital TV in Japan, etc., and also to exchange views and opinions on digital television.
And the meeting was held at MIC headquarters on March 27, where the Salvadoran delegation included the Salvadoran Ambassador to Japan. ARIB/DiBEG was also required by MIC to participate in the meeting.

Atmosphere of Meeting

The MIC side explained to the Salvadoran delegation about those items to be studied upon introducing digital terrestrial TV, and also Japan’s experiences in the transition to digital television.
Dr. M. Sugawara, Chairman of DiBEG, also explained the international activities of ARIB/DiBEG.

Ms. Coto expressed her appreciation for the information and also for the support and cooperation extended to El Salvador from now onward. The meeting was followed with the Q&A session on the technology and functionality of ISDB-T.

Meeting Participants

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