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Argentina adopts ISDB-T

On Friday, 28 August, President Cristina Fernandez of Argentina signed a series of agreements with the governments of Japan and Brazil, for which the country adopts ISDB-T as the digital terrestrial TV.

The decision of Argentine government on the terrestrial digital broadcasting standard follows that of Brazil and Peru.  During the ceremony, the president said the deals represent the tremendous technological leap forward for the Argentines, and stressed the strategic alliance between Argentina and Brazil, with the Japanese government as an important partner.

The President also added that the rule will allow to democratize the arrival to the media, while making it easier to reach across the country with technological improvements in the digitization of television.

She announced that Japan will participate in the public television equipment, while waiving royalties for technology transfer.

Finally, she said that she expects that other countries of UNASUR are incorporated into this system.

The details of the announcement by the Argentine government can be founded on: