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Peru adopts ISDB-T

On Thursday, 23 April 2009, Mr. Enrique Cornejo, Minster of Transport and Communication in Peru announced that Peru has decided to adopt ISDB-T as the digital terrestrial television standards for Peru.

This decision was taken on the basis of the recommendations by the Multi-sectional Commission to assess the most appropriate standard for the country.  The several standards, ATSC in the United States, DVB in Europe, DTMB in China and ISDB-T in Japan and Brazil, were analyzed by the Commission.

"It is a decision of great significance and represents a step to modernity in the country," noted the minister in the Government Palace.

Mr. Cornejo said that after two years of a serious and thorough analysis, the commission submitted its final report which recommended the adoption of the standard Japanese-Brazilian.

The multi-sectional commission was constituted on 21 February 2007 and consisted of a representative from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), Ministry of the Production, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Advisory Council of Radio and Television etc.


The details of the announcement by the Peruvian government can be founded on