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ISDB-T International Forum – Technical Harmonization Meeting Held in Sao Paulo


Atmosphere of Meeting

The Technical Harmonization Meeting of the ISDB-T International Forum was held in Sao Paulo on August 30 at the Expo Center Norte, at the occasion of the SET EXPO 2018, to exchange the latest information and to discuss the ISDB-T implementation in the member countries.

This time 3 member country representatives joined the Meeting; El Salvador, Brazil and Japan.


Japanese delegation

The Japanese delegation included representatives from MIC, a JICA Expert in Costa Rica, and ARIB/DiBEG member company representatives and secretariat.

The representative from El Salvador and Brazil each presented the current status of digital terrestrial TV implementation and the progress of ASO (Analog Switch-Off).

Representing Japan, Mr. H. Kimura of MIC made a presentation of "Current Status of ISDB-T Countries and recent update in Japan"; and Mr. H. Horikawa, JICA Expert in Costa Rica presented "Situacion actual, Retos y Avances en las actividades de la Television Digital - 3 paises de Centroamerica (Costa Rica - Honduras - Guatemala)".

At the Hardware Technical Harmonization Document session, Japan and Brazil jointly proposed some revision of wordings and layouts, which was approved with one specification remark.

At the Middleware Harmonization Document session, Japan and Brazil jointly proposed revisions on the ABNT standard (to have Ginga applicable to HTML-5) and additional revisions on the description on Hybridcast; both of which were approved without reserve.

At the EWBS Harmonization Document session, Japanese representative explained its opinion in response to the proposal by Ecuador to obligate an alarm buzzer on STB products, that the revision to the Technical Harmonization Document should be studied after clarifying the definition and functions of the alarm buzzer.
This subject is to be further studied at the next Meeting.

Participants at the Technical Harmonization Meeting