ISDB-T, Standard of the Digital Television for the Philippines

(Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial)

Date:  March 18th, 2009
Venue:  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

An ISDB-T seminar and demonstration for Philippine broadcasters was held in Pasig City. Its purpose is to provide accurate and reliable information about ISDB-T and to clarify some misconceptions. 


On March 18, 2009, an ISDB-T seminar and demonstration was held in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  This event was hosted by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) through the cooperation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIC), the Japanese Embassy in Manila, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) and the Digital Broadcasting Experts Group (DiBEG).
The purpose of the seminar and demonstration is to provide accurate and reliable information about ISDB-T and present the actual performance characteristics of the most advanced Digital Television Standard in the world.  It also aims to clarify some of the misconceptions about ISDB-T and to dismiss the allegations that this technology and its Set Top Box price were expensive.

At the opening ceremony, President of KBP Mr. Mr. Herman Z. Basbaño had opening address, then Commissioner of NTC, Honorable Ruel V. Canobas expressed the importance of ISDB-T seminar and demonstration.  Next, Japan Ambassador Mr.Makoto Katsura, emphasized the advantages of ISDB-T system, Mr. Shigeo Tani, Director Genaral of MIC, followed the benefit to adopt ISDB-T system from both technical and economical aspects.
The seminar and demonstration started after Opening ceremony.  Key persons from Japan had impressive presentations to aware the benefits of ISDB-T system not only from technical aspects but also from economical/ service aspects.

Details are shown in “LIST OF PRESENTATION AND KEY TOPICS” table below

Demonstration was held in 2 portions.  One in backside of seminar room, demonstrated HDTV/SDTV fixed reception and Portable reception for One-seg service, which is unique service of ISDB-T system.
Other was mobile reception demonstration out of hotel, short course tour by Van.

Finally, at the end of the seminar, Chairman of KBP, Mr. Butch S. Canoy gave closing remarks, and Cocktail – party was held where many participants had an exchange of beneficial opinion.

The seminar had more than one hundred participants, which also take part of the demonstration during coffee break and lunch time.  And persons took the mobile tour.


Advantages of ISDB-T Hideo Fuseda

(Director for Digital Broadcasting Technology, MIC)

First, Features of digital TV broadcasting.
Then Features of Japanese standard, ISDB-T from aspect of Technical, Economical and Commercial.
Then Price of equipments and Situation in Brazil.
Technical Key features of ISDB-T and Efficient transition to Digital Broadcasting with ISDB-T Takashi Yabashi

(Director-General of Engineering Administration Department, Japan Broadcasting Corp.(NHK))

This presentation was composed of two parts:
(1) Technical key features of ISDB-T:
From technical aspect, talk about the merit of ISDB-T, and showed the priority of ISDB-T in comparison test in South America.
(2) Efficient transition to digital broadcasting with ISDB-T:
Talked about the merit of ISDB-T on TV transmission network construction and introduced the plan to analog TV termination in Japan.
Future Business opportunities and flexibility in ISDB-T World Chiharu Kamise

(Managing Director Technology Research and Development Department, Fuji Television Network Inc)

At first emphasized extreme mobile TV market expansion, over 50M in Feb.  And focused to show how to realize the convenient life with mobile TV service based ISDB-T world, showing the short movie.
Next explain the merit ISDB-T, Fixed/Mobile service in one frequency/transmitter on business aspect.  Finally
ISDB-T affordable Set Top Box Kenji Sagayama

(President, Eagle World Development Co.Ltd)

First, emphasized the conclusion that the reasonable price STB will appear soon!  Next explained the cost analysis to realize the such low cost STB.
System of ISDB-T “transmission system” Yasuo Takahashi

(Chairperson, Digital Broadcasting Experts Group (DiBEG))

Introduced the outline of ISDB-T transmission system and explained the feature technologies of ISDB-T, segmented OFDM transmission and time interleave.
Next, showed the difference of 3 DTTB systems and advantages of ISDB-T, especially in mobile/ indoor reception and economical merit to save transmission infrastructure.
ISDB-T for Radio Broadcasting:  Digitalization of Radio Broadcasting in Japan Yasushi Furukawa

(Deputy Director of Broadcasting Technology Division, MIC)

Firstly talked about the outline of ISDB-T radio broadcasting service, now in trial test stage but form 2011, it will be commercial service stage.
Technology of ISDB-Tsb
– Digital Radio System –
Kazunori Yokohata

Principal Research Engineer Science & Technical Research Laboratories, NHK

First, mainly explained the digital audio broadcasting technologies named ISDB-Tsb, a family of ISDB-T.
Next, showed the commonality with ISDB-T and common mobile terminal with “One-seg” are already in market. Finally talked current service in Japan.


1.Advantage of ISDB-T

Mr. Hideo Fuseda, Director for Digital Broadcasting Technology, MIC

2.Technical Key features of ISDB-T and Efficient transition to Digital Broadcasting with ISDB-T

Mr. Takashi Yabashi, Director-General of Engineering Administration Department, Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK)

3.Future business opportunities and flexibility in ISDB-T World

Mr. Chiharu Kamise, Managing Director, Technology Research and Development Department, Fuji Television Network, Inc.

4-1.”System of ISDB-T” – Affordable Set Top Box –

Mr. Kenji Sagayama, President, Eagle World Development co ltd

4-2.“System of ISDB-T” – Transmission system –

Mr. Yasuo Takahashi, Chairperson, Digital Broadcasting Experts Group (DiBEG)

5-1.“ISDB-T for Radio Broadcasting” – Digitalization of Radio Broadcasting in Japan –

Mr. Yasushi Furukawa, Deputy Director of Broadcasting Technology Division MIC

5-2.“ISDB-T for Radio Broadcasting” – Technology of ISDB-Tsb –

Mr. Kazunori Yokohata, Principal Research Engineer (Broadcasting Systems), Science & Technical Research Laboratories (STRL), Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)


1. Demonstration for fixed and portable reception services

At the backside of seminar room, to impress the service flexibility of ISDB-T system, several kinds of TV services were demonstrated:

(1) HDTV fixed reception with data-casting

Thanks to GEMNET test transmission of ISDB-T, Participants were impressed for HDTV picture quality on wide flat panel displays, and also interest in data-casting which is the one of important feature of ISDB-T.

(2) Multi-SDTV reception service

ISDB-T has a full flexibility to have multi-channel SDTV service in same standard. In this time, 4 channel SDTV system was demonstrated.

(3) Portable reception service

One-seg service is the unique in ISDB-T system. Both Fixed/Portable receptions are possible in one frequency band and by one transmitter. Other systems have not these services. In this seminar/demonstration, GEMNET test transmitter transmitted (Fixed HDTV + One-seg) signal and received this signal in demonstration room. Participants were strongly impressed by many kinds of One-seg receivers and these robustness/qualities. In Japan, over 50 million portable terminals has been sold by end of last year.

(4) EWS (Emergency Warning System)

    1. The EWS is a broadcast service that provides emergency warning signal to automatically activate receivers when a disaster occurs such as an earthquake or Tsunami.
    2. The EWS is a broadcast service that can instantly and simultaneously deliver emergency information to a large number of people.
    3. NHK STRL developed a prototype compact EWS adaptor that can be connected to a One-Seg cellular phone receiver for ISDB-T.

Snapshot in Demonstration


4 Multi SDTV

Affordable STB

Portable TV and Cellular telephones

EWS System

2. Tour “Mobile Experience” exhibition of receipt of digital TV in movement

Mobile reception demonstration was held on same day around Crowne Plaza hotel for 15 minutes course.  ISDB-T mobile receiver with diversity reception antenna was attached on Van and received test signal from GEMNET station.  The participants of each tours could enjoy the HDTV in Van.  Thanks for time-interleave function of ISDB-T and diversity reception technology, even though in downtown far from transmitter station, very stable pictures were enjoyed.

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