ISDB-T System

What is ISDB-T

ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial) is a new type of digital broadcasting system for providing audio, video and multimedia services. ISDB-T system was standardized at the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) in Japan. ISDB-T uses a modulation method referred to as Band Segmented Transmission (BST) OFDM.

Features of ISDB-T System

ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial) has been developed and deployed in Japan and Latin America.
In Japan, DTTB service has started since December 2003, and the migration from analog to digital had been smoothly completed. Also, "One-seg" service, which is a new portable reception service in the same channel, has been started since April 2006 in Japan.

Comparison of 3 DTTB systems

So-called 3 major DTTB( Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting) systems are:

(1) ATSC: Advanced Television System Committee, Developed in USA, and now used.
(2) DVB-T: Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial, developed in EU, and now used.
(3) ISDB-T: Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial, developed in Japan and now used in Japan and Latin America.

Structure of Japan's Digital Broadcasting Standard

1. Structure of technical standard for digital broadcasting
Generally speaking, Digital broadcasting system is composed by 3 functional blocks, (1) Source coding block, (2) Multiplex block, and (3) Transmission coding block.
2. About ISDB-T transmission system
Japanese digital terrestrial broadcasting system adopts excellent technologies on transmission system.
3. Outline of transmission parameter
ISDB-T transmission system has the flexibility for adjusting for various kinds of broadcasting service.

ARIB Standards and Technical Reports

ARIB Standards (STD) and Technical Reports (TR) for Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting

For the details of structure of technical standard and relationship among each standards, see "Structure of Japan's digital broadcasting"

Harmonization Documents

ISDB-T International Harmonization Documents (ABNT - ARIB - SBTVD Joint Documents)

Reference for characterizing of the specifications of Brazilian and Japanese digital terrestrial TV standards.