ARIB Standards and Technical Reports

ARIB Standards (STD) and Technical Reports (TR) for Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting

For the details of structure of technical standard and relationship among each standards, see "Structure of Japan's Digital Broadcasting Standard"

No. Specification
Title Down load(*1)
1 STD-B10 Service Information for Digital Broadcasting System List of Standards for Broadcasting (ARIB website)
2 STD-B21 Receiver for Digital Broadcasting (Desirable Specifications)
3 STD-B23 Application Execution Engine Platform for Digital Broadcasting
4 STD-B24 Data Coding and Transmission Specification for Digital Broadcasting
5 STD-B25 Conditional Access System Specifications for Digital Broadcasting
6 STD-B31 Transmission System for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting
7 STD-B32 Video Coding, Audio Coding, and Multiplexing Specifications for Digital Broadcasting
8 TR-B14(*2) Operational Guidelines for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting List of Technical Reports for Broadcasting (ARIB website)

*1 : These ARIB STD and TR are downloaded from ARIB website.
*2 : The content of TR-B14 Volume 9 Chapter 4 and Appendix A "Technological Explanation" has been updated and the latest version is included in ITU-R Report BT.2209-1.