February 10th. 2009

Benefits without limits in a single technology:


The Standard of Terrestrial Digital Television

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Benefits without limits in a single technology: ISDB-T The Standard of Terrestrial Digital Television


The Seminar of Digital Television realized in Peru February 10th., 2009 was an event developed in the facilities of the Marriott Hotel in Lima , Peru with the objective of broadening the concepts of digital television and strengthen knowledge about ISDB-T and to clarify the doubts that other standards had spread. 

The multisectorial committee, in charge of the recommendation about the standard, also was invited and some members were present in the seminar and demonstration, receiving information about the standard ISDB-T. Since it is known, the above mentioned commission had the commitment to issue their report on February 28, 2009.

At the opening ceremony, Japan Ambassador Mr. Shuichiro Megata, expressed his better auguries in the choice of the standard giving the opportunity to Peru to have a latest technology, followed by the words of the Brazil Ambassador  Mr. Jorge Taunay, who spoke about the benefits that they had obtained by the Japanese standard in his country.

The seminar included demonstrations of HDTV , One Seg., and Mobile TV. The transmitting station was installed on the Cerro Marca Vilca in Chorrillos 's District (know as a Morro Solar), with a NEC transmitter of 400W. One seg signal was live content provided by America TV (one important broadcaster-Channel 4).

A mobile demonstration was realized using a vehicle that took the guests for a circuit, showing the signal robustness. In which a standard TV set was installed to compare the quality.

Finally, at the end of the seminar it has a round table were representatives of:  Broadcasters association, Consumer association, Peruvian Engineers Society (Colegio de Ingenieros del Peru ), Advisory Council on Radio and Television (CONCORTV) and a Mini-telecom operator explains their viewpoint.

The seminar had 206 participants, which also take part of the demonstration. Additionally 60 persons visited the demonstration room during day time. And 80 persons took the mobile tour.












Expectatives and experiences in the Digital Television in Peru

Jorge Baca-Álvarez Marroquín

(Representative of the National BroadcasterLs  Society of Radio and Television)

The topic focused primarily on the reality of Peru.
 gWe are looking for the future companies can survive in a free market, and provide better contentsh.  
 gWe want that the mobile TV be free for the Peruviansh

Status of digitalization in South American and the International ISDB-T

Eiji Roppongi

 (Coordinating consultant of ARIB, DIBEG)

Showed the advantages that broadcast television brings, accessibility and cut the technology gap. And also the key criteria that confuse people and that could lead to a bad decision.

Experiences of the Field trials of the ISDB-T in Peru :  Lima , Iquitos and Cuzco

César Gallegos

(Technical representative of the standard ISDB-T for Peru )

Showed the testing evidences of HDTV, portability and mobility.
The tests that were made for each standard on Peruvian territory, focusing only the ISDB-T performed all tests.
Clarifying the doubts of robustness, time interleave, GSM compatibility, STB cost and social inclusion.

Adoption, Innovation and Deployment of the Digital TV in Brazil

Olimpio Franco SET

(Representative of the Society Brasileira of engenhaira of Televisao)

Focused on the contributions made by the Japanese technology in Brazil and advances in technology in MPEG4 now. The focus of the presentation was to show coverage in major cities of Brazil . They were the leading brands in each category of the electronic market.

Adoption, Innovation and Deployment of the Digital TV in Brazil

Luiz Eduardo Cunha Leite

(Executive Director of MOP)

 The exhibition showed Ginga a middleware used in Brazil as well as the main feature of his contribution. Gave an overview of market trends and statistics for claims of digital television which are presented in Brazil . Interactive television will help to give to the user more freedom, also provide an important contribution to education and to obtain information that is not possible with analog television.  

Reinforcement of technical and economical cooperation to Peru from Japan and Brasil through the ISDB-T

Hideo Fuseda

(Director of Technologies of Digital Broadcasting)

Talked about the plans that Japan has with Peru and timely inputs such as seminars, training and research. The main objective is to strengthen the technological support from private companies of Japan , Brazil and Peru .
  It emphasized the support for different needs of the natural disasters in Peru with an academic cooperation in research in that area.

Round table: What do we expect from the digital Terrestrial TV? / Moderator

Carlos Romero Sanjinez

(Representative of Peruvian Engineers Association)

He expressed the hope of making a good decision on the standard used to provide key points in the country development. He offered the cooperation of the Chapter of the College of Electronics Engineers of Peru as civil society, once the report is published.  

Statistics of the reality of Peru and approach towards the digital future

Ricardo Maguiña Pardo

(Representative of the Advertisers' National Association (ANDA) and President of CONCORTV)

It focused on showing the reality in Peru and the world with statistics that they putted first to the television between other devices used as demand in the homes. It gave an approach of the responsibility of the decisions that we have today for the children who in 20 years will be the beneficiaries.

The Consumers and the TDT

José Purizaca

(Representative of ASPEC- consumer asociation )

Treated about the contributions and the benefits that the digital television will achieve. Showed the problems that they can present if there is not done a good planning focused in the final beneficiary who is the consumer.

The impact of the Digital Television in the Rural scene of Peru

Ruddy Valdivia Silva

(Representative of Mini-Telecomo Operatior -  Provinces )

 It was indicated that we should not forget the contribution that will be achieved in the rural zones of Peru. It is necessary to have in mind the impact that will have the improvement of the arrival of the information to the places that now donft have it.


    Shuichiro Megata, Ambassador of Japan

  Jorge Taunay, Ambassador of Brazil.

    Jorge Baca – Álvarez Marroquín, National Society of Radio and TV.

   Eiji Roppongi
, Coordinating consultant ARIG DIBEG.

César Gallegos, Technical Representative of the Standard ISDB-T for Peru.

Olimpio Franco, The director of Engineering of the Brazilian Society of Engineer one of Television - Set, Brazil.

Luiz Eduardo Cunha Leite, Executive Director of      MOPA Embedded Systems.

Hideo Fuseda, MIC, Japan.


The Digital Terrestrial Television in Peru
Jorge Baca-Álvarez, Society of Radio and Television

Immunity and Portability that they endorse to a major communication incorporation.  
    Eiji Roppongi, ARIB, Japan.

Experiences of the field trials of the ISDB-T (Japan - Brazil) in Lima, Iquitos and Cusco.  
   Cesar Gallegos, Technical representative of the ISDB-T in Peru.

Adoption, Innovations and Unfolding of the Digital TV in Brazil
  Olimpio Franco, Director of Engineering of the Brazilian Society of Engineering television - SET, Brazil.

Plan of Cooperation for ISDB-T in Peru
Hideo Fuseda, MIC, Japan

The consumers and the TDT
Jose Purizaga Vega, Peruvian Association of Consumers and Users

Digital TV in Brazil
Luiz Eduardo Cunha, Director of MOPA Embedded Systems



1. Exhibition of Digital TV in fixed panels and cellular Telephones

Module registration attendance.

Delivery of the credentials for the Seminar

Room of exhibition of digital TV in fixed panels and cellular Telephones.

       Exhibition of transmission of America Television.

Exhibition of Digital TV in fixed Panasonic's receptors.

Exhibition of Digital TV in fixed Panasonic's displays.

Exhibition of Digital TV in fixed Sonyfs (LCD)

Exhibition of Digital TV in fixed Sony's (LCD) receptors.

Exhibition of Digital TV in mobiles One-Seg.

Exhibition of Digital TV in cellular and Gigabeatfs mobiles.

         Digital TV in USB Tuners. (using Peruvian Laptop)

Exhibition Digital TV in fixed receptors of high definition.


2. Tour "Mobile Experience" exhibition of receipt of digital TV in movement

In the seminar of realized ISDB-T last February 10, the participants were invited to a mobile demonstration called "Tour mobile experience of Digital TV", which consisted in a tour by Miraflores's streets - Lima about approximately 20 minutes of duration.

The participants of different invited institutions could enjoy and corroborate the advantages of taking a system of digital TV as the ISDB-T, which is such a robust system to overcome high speeds, besides being immune to the noise provoked by the same city in the distance.  In parallel with the one seg,  an analogical TV set shows the same live content to compare the signal quality.

There took part approximately 80 persons distributed in 10 executed tours demonstrating unequivocally the benefits of the Standard ISDB-T.

Participants going to the gTour mobile experience of Digital TV " .

Exhibition of Analog TV in the recipient of mobile.

Participants amazed by the exhibition of Digital TV in mobile.

Vehicle receiver of Digital TV.

Digital TV in the receptor (LCD) installed in vehicle .

Digital TV in receptor (LCD) and cellular One Seg.