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Introduction of "ISDB-T"

Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - Terrestrial (ISDB-T) is the most advanced international standard on Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB) system originally developed in Japan. ISDB-T has been introduced in Japan since December 2003, and the number of the countries adopting ISDB-T is gradually increasing with the recognition of its technological advantage.

Countries adopting ISDB-T are as follows.

Country ISDB-T adopted ISDB-T service started
1 Japan ------ December 2003
2 Brazil June 2006 December 2007
3 Peru April 2009 March 30, 2010
4 Argentina August 2009 April 28, 2010
5 Chile September 2009
6 Venezuela October 2009 June 2011
7 Ecuador March 2010
8 Costa Rica May 2010 May 1, 2014
9 Paraguay June 2010 August 15, 2011
10 Philippines June 2010
November 2013 (reassertion)
11 Bolivia July 2010 September 2011
12 Uruguay December 2010
13 Maldives October 2011 (national broadcasting)
April 2014 (decided as national standard)
14 Botswana February 2013 July 29, 2013
15 Guatemala May 2013
16 Honduras September 2013
17 Sri Lanka May 2014
18 Nicaragua August 2015

The features of introduction of ISDB-T

It is available to broadcast simultaneously HDTV and "One-seg" programs. "One-Seg" is the name of a broadcasting service for handheld receivers such as cellular phones.
ISDB-T has a flexibility for building the DTTB system up. Therefore, it is able to customize as you like.
ISDB-T has a potential of creation of new services for telecommunication carriers and broadcasters. One-Seg is a very good example. In addition, creation of new services will accelerate to revitalization the economy.
May 17, 2016
DiBEG Task Force and Adviser to DiBEG got ITU-AJ Awards
The 48th Celebration for World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) was held by the ITU Association of Japan (ITU-AJ President: Mr. Michiaki Ogasawara) at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo on May 17. ...
Apr 19, 2016
Meeting with Brazilian SBTVD Forum Held in Las Vegas
DiBEG (Digital Broadcasting Experts Group) has been promoting ISDB-T internationally, by providing information or extending technical assistance and cooperation on ISDB-T to those countries in need of such services. ...
Mar 13, 2016
First ISDB-T Seminar in Maldives
The first ISDB-T Seminar in Maldives was held on Bandos Island on Sunday March 13, 2016, jointly organized by the Maldivian Ministry of Home Affairs and the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC). ...
Jan 14-15, 2016
International Seminar on Digital Terrestrial TV and ICT Held in Peru
The International Seminar on Digital Terrestrial TV and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) was held on January 14 and 15, 2016, in Lima, Peru, organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (MIC) and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru, intending to further solidify mutual relationships in the field of ICT. ...
Nov 30, 2015
Approval of ISDB-T Harmonization Documents
VII Annual Meeting of the ISDB-T International Forum was held on November 30th, 2015 in Brasilia, Brazil. ...
Nov 18-20, 2015
Participation in the InterBEE 2015
The InterBEE (International Broadcast Equipment and Exhibition) 2015 was held from November 18 through 20th at the Makuhari Messe in Japan, where ARIB/DiBEG participated in the exhibition for promotional activities on ISDB-T.  This was the 2nd time of participation for ARIB/DiBEG. ...
Aug 23-27, 2015
SET EXPO 2015 in Brazil
On August 23-27, 2015, Brazilian Society of Television Engineering (SET) held its exhibition and conference as "SET EXPO 2015" at Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo, Brazil. ...
Aug 4, 2015
Adoption of Japanese Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting System (ISDB-T System) in the Republic of Nicaragua (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Website)
The Republic of Nicaragua (hereinafter referred to as "Nicaragua") in Central America recently decided on adopting the Japanese terrestrial digital TV broadcasting system (called the ISDB-T system) for its digital terrestrial television broadcasting (DTTB). ...
May 15, 2015
DiBEG Got ITU-AJ Award
The 47th Celebration for World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) was held by the ITU Association of Japan (ITU-AJ President:  Mr. Michiaki Ogasawara) at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo on May 15. ...
Apr 30, 2015
DiBEG's Support for developing each adopting country's standards
DiBEG has been extending its support to the ISDB-T adopting countries for developing their own ISDB-T standards.
Mar 10, 2015
BOCRA issued "ISDB-T Standards of Botswana"  (BOCRA website)
"ISDB-T Standards of Botswana", which DiBEG has supported for its drafting, was approved by BOCRA (Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority).
Mar 10, 2015
Visit of Atty. Cordova, NTC Commissioner, to ARIB
On March 10, 2015, Attorney G. A. Cordova, Commissioner, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) of the Republic of the Philippines, visited the office of ARIB together with 5 other executive members, including Mr. A. N. Blanco, Chief of Broadcast Services Division.  The NTC mission had a meeting with DiBEG members on the ISDB-T implementation. ...
Jan 27, 2015
ISDB-T Seminar in Cebu
DiBEG held the "ISDB-T Seminar in Cebu" at a hotel in Cebu.  DiBEG organized this seminar in Cebu, followings its past two seminars on the ISDB-T Standards in Metro Manila in January and March last year, this time targeting the engineering people in the broadcast industry especially in the southern parts of the Philippines including Cebu. ...